July 6, 2017

State estimation of an automated system in max-plus algebra by using a linear observer

Gabriel Freitas Oliveira, Laurent Hardouin

Abstract: This work aims to present the fundamentals of a Timed Event Graph (TEG - a petri net subclass) and apply it on industrial lines. Using a TEG, this article proposes an observer's feedback controller, based on classic theory, and a discussion of its benefits. Later, this calculus are exemplified using a simple system and the reader is able to follow the calculations (made by hand) to better understand the algebra. Finally, this controller is applied (using a software made by the author) into a real system, that simulates an industrial line. It aims to maintain a reference output while delaying the input as much as possible, in order to reduce overload in machines and lines, as well as other advantages.

Keywords: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Timed Event Graphs, Max-Plus, Control, State Observer, just-in-time.

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