July 1, 2017

Nonlinear analyses of laser speckle contrast images based on entropy measures

Debora Gardinal de Sousa, Dandara Cembranel, Anne Humeau-Heurtier

Abstract: A new technique of data acquisition, named Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging(LSCI) was presented and utilized to acquired all the images used in the project. Current-induced Vasodilation(CIV) is observed during monopolar current application and refers to the widening of blood vessels which facilitate the skin blood flow analysis.Multiscale entropy(MSE) analysis was introduced in 2002 to evaluate the complexity of a time series. To improve the robustness of complexity assessment for short-term interval series, the Distribution Entropy(DistEn) was developed. This work describe how these two methods based on entropy work, what are their characteristics and finally apply them on the images of patients that were divided into two groups (the ones who had taken aspirin and the ones who had not taken), and analyze if the entropy is sensitive to the CIV or the aspirin.

Keywords: multiscale entropy, sample entropy, distribution entropy, laser speckle contrast imaging, current-induced vasodilation, region of interest.

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